Reports, summaries and trend analysis

The Valuer General’s reports give an overview of land value movement  

The Valuer General's reports on land values give an overview of the movement of land values across NSW. They include:

  • the number of properties valued and sales analysed, and total land value trends 
  • information on residential, commercial, industrial and rural land value movements
  • information on land value movements in different regions across the state.

The reports are available online:

Our land value summaries provide commentary and analysis 

We offer land value summaries for residential, commercial, industrial and rural properties in all local government areas and different regions across NSW.

The summaries discuss the movement of land values in each area, as well as:

  • Land value trends – These show the overall movement of residential, commercial, industrial and rural land values over 12 months. 
  • Median land values and sale prices – These graphs show the movement of median land values and sale prices over five years. We only publish graphs if we have enough property sales for them to be meaningful. 
  • Typical land values for all council areas – We use these as our benchmark for valuations. See Valuation method for more information.
  • Added value of improvement tables – These show dollar values per square metre for the added value of improvements to a local government area’s main residential property types. By analysing property sales, we learn how much these improvements add to land value.

Valuation contractors’ reports detail the valuation process

Our valuation contractors also prepare yearly valuation reports for all local government areas, including:

  • land value trends and major land value changes
  • sales of particular interest
  • significant issues and developments
  • an overview of the quality assurance program.
Valuation reports from 1 July 2016 on are included in the land value summaries for each local government area

Our historical trends tables show land value and market trends

Our long-term land value trends tables show land values and market trends for selected benchmark properties across local government areas and property types. Each includes benchmark properties, their land value, annual movement percentage and an index. The index for 1996 (our base year) is 100. 

When using these tables, please be aware of the following changes over time:

  • Since 2017, we have used simplified table numbers.
  • The benchmark property may occasionally change, such as for subdivision, amalgamation or rezoning. Values may then differ from those published before.
  • Rural property tables now show land value only. In the past, they were based on cleared, fenced and watered land, or excluded buildings.

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