Property sales

You can search property sales with our online tools

Property sales are the most important factor valuers consider when valuing land. 

NSW property sales information comes from Notices of Sale lodged with Land Registry Services. You can access this information using our:

You can use your property number to produce a benchmark component report. The report shows the sales the valuer used to value the benchmark properties in your component.  

You can also use your property number to produce a valuation sales report showing some sales valuers considered during the valuation process. The report includes:

  • land size
  • contract price
  • purchase price
  • adjusted land value.

Valuation sales reports are not available for individual strata units as we value strata schemes as a whole site. You can produce a report for the whole strata scheme, but you will need the strata scheme property number to do this.

You may also wish to visit the Department of Communities and Justice website for sale and rent reports on NSW rent movements.

The land values and property sales map also includes property sales information

Property sales are available on the land values and property sales map as a joint initiative of the Valuer General and Spatial Services. You can access sales information for:

  • individual properties since 2001 
  • streets and suburbs for the last five years.

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