Land values

Land value is the value of your land only. It does not include the value of your home or other structures and improvements. However, it includes works such as draining, excavating, filling and clearing.

The Valuer General oversees the valuation system, where over 2.5 million parcels of land are valued as at 1 July each year. Property NSW manage the valuation system on behalf of the Valuer General. For further information on how your land is valued see the valuation method page.

Land values are used by local councils for calculating council rates and by Revenue NSW for calculating land tax liability.

Accessing your land value

Landholders can access their land value through a:

Land value review process

If you are not satisfied with the land value or property information on your Notice of Valuation or a land value included in your land tax assessment, you can lodge an objection to have the land value reviewed. to do this you need to lodge an objection.

Landholder resources

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