Valuation service contracts

Valuation NSW contracts out the provision of most land valuation services on behalf of the Valuer General. The valuation firms undertaking the valuations are thoroughly scrutinised through an independent open tender and rigorous evaluation process, and valuations are subject to an audit process before they are released.

Valuers must meet the level of professional standards expected of a member of a professional body (Australian Property Institute or comparable), or equivalent to the standards required in the current version of the Australian Property Institute’s Australian and New Zealand Valuation and Property Standards (or equivalent professional body). You can find out more about the duties, responsibilities and professional standards expected of valuers in the Australia and New Zealand Valuation and Property Standards.

Rating and taxing valuation contracts

Rating and taxing contracts are for an initial period of five years, to a maximum six years including a one year option granted at the discretion of Valuation NSW. Each contract usually contains one or more Local Government Areas, depending on operational needs. Table of current rating and taxing contract information (PDF 63.6 KB).

Valuation panel contracts

Valuation NSW contracts out a range of other valuation services including:

  • Acquisition valuation services under the requirements of the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991
  • Valuation advisory services for certificates of value, special valuations, services to act as an expert witness in court matters and general property advice
  • Objection briefing services for objections to land values and allowances issued under the Valuation of Land Act 1916

Valuation NSW engages providers for the performance of the above services state-wide. Contract terms are for an initial period of one year with options for extension, which may be issued at the discretion of Valuation NSW. Table of current other valuation services contract information (PDF 261.3 KB).

Information about the opportunities for contracting for Valuation Services can be obtained by registering on the eTendering website

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