About us

NSW Valuer General

The Valuer General is an independent statutory officer appointed by the Governor of NSW to oversee the valuation system. The responsibilities of the Valuer General include:

  • Providing fair and consistent land values in NSW for rating and taxing, in line with the Valuation of Land Act 1916.
  • Ensuring owners are fairly compensated when their land is compulsorily acquired, in line with the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991.

The independence of the Valuer General ensures a clear separation between the impartial land valuation process and how state and local government use the valuations for levying rates and taxes or for determining compensation following the compulsory acquisition of land. It also enables a focus on quality, transparency and procedural fairness.

The Joint Standing Committee on the Office of the Valuer General review and monitor the Valuer General’s functions. Administratively, the Valuer General reports to the Minister for Lands and Water.

Valuer General NSW

Valuer General NSW are the government agency established to support the Valuer General. Valuer General NSW sit within the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) and report to the Secretary of DPE.

Valuer General NSW staff support the Valuer General through the operation of the valuation system, monitoring performance of the system, providing support for the Valuer General in addressing ministerial and parliamentary enquiries, developing public information, responding to public enquiries and investigating complaints.

Our objectives

Our joint objectives are to provide quality, consistent and fair valuations for the NSW community.

We aim to be accessible, transparent and accountable while providing customer focused services that ensure procedural fairness to landowners.

We will provide value for money, delivering cost effective valuation services and driving continuous improvement of the valuation system in NSW.

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