Land tax

The Valuer General supplies land values to Revenue NSW each year. Revenue NSW uses an average of land values over three years to determine the tax liability for NSW landholders on 31 December each year.

Landholders who are liable to pay land tax are notified of their land value(s) on a land tax assessment from Revenue NSW.

A landholder with one or more parcels of taxable land (such as investment properties, holiday houses or commercial premises), may be liable for land tax if the total value of land exceeds the land tax threshold. The thresholds are published on the land tax page of the Revenue NSW website.

A landholder's home (principal place of residence) or land used for primary production is generally exempt from land tax.

Surcharge land tax

If you are considered a “foreign person” for land tax purposes and own residential land in NSW you are liable to pay a land tax surcharge in addition to any land tax you may already pay.

For more information on surcharge land tax and for the definition of a “foreign person” visit the Revenue NSW website.

Land tax threshold

The Valuer General is responsible for calculating the land tax threshold each year under the Land Tax Management Act 1956. The requirements for the determination of new thresholds are set out in Division 4A of the Act. The new thresholds are published in the NSW Government Gazette in October each year.

The adjustments to the thresholds are based on the annual movement in the average land values of land within residential, commercial, business and industrial zones in NSW.

For details of the current thresholds visit the Revenue NSW website.

Objecting to a land value on your land tax assessment

Landholders have 60 days to request a review of any land value on their land tax assessment from the date it was issued. Land tax clients cannot object to their average land value.

Objections must be based on individual land values that appear on the land tax assessment. Land tax clients may object to any or all land values, on their land tax assessment.

For further information on land tax please contact Revenue NSW on 1300 139 816 or see the land tax page on the Revenue NSW website.

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