Stage 4: Valuation

Our valuer

A qualified, experienced and independent valuer with no conflict of interest will assess your land to work out the amount of compensation.

To do this, the valuer will consider all information that both you and the acquiring authority provide, as well as independently requested reports.

The valuer may contact you or your representative to arrange an inspection of the property. They can also give you information on the process. You can:

  • attend the inspection or send a representative
  • ask questions

The valuer will also contact the acquiring authority to discuss issues it would like considered.

Your own valuer

As a landowner or person with an interest in the acquired land, you can also hire your own valuer during negotiation or compulsory acquisition.

The valuer must:

  • be an independent expert who is qualified to perform the valuation
  • act as an expert, not an advocate
  • comply with professional standards in their valuation.

Valuation fees that you reasonably incur will be refunded as part of your compensation.

For a list of qualified valuers, contact professional membership associations such as:

The valuer’s report and issues response

The valuer’s report and issues response will:

  • show what the valuer has considered
  • explain how the compensation was determined
  • address the concerns you raised in your claim for compensation form
  • address issues raised by the acquiring authority

 Valuers must consider the heads of compensation listed in section 55 of the Land Acquisition Act and discussed in more detail on page 10:

  • the market value of the land on the acquisition date
  • any special value to the landowner
  • any loss due to severance
  • any loss due to disturbance
  • the disadvantage from relocation
  • any change to the value of other land that adjoins or is severed from the acquired land, if this change is due to the acquisition.

Senior valuers will do quality assurance on the Valuer General’s behalf. They will review the valuation report and check all aspects of the determination, including the valuer’s assessment of the land’s market value and supporting sales evidence.

For more information on the factors a valuer considers and the methods they use, see the Valuer General’s policy on compulsory acquisition.
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