Stage 5: Determination of compensation

Your review

We will send a preliminary valuation report and issues response to you and the acquiring authority to review. This will outline the compensation amount and how it was determined.

You have 10 working days to correct any errors of fact before we finalise the determination.

You may request another conference if you wish to explain any errors of fact only. The conference is not for discussion of the amount of compensation.

The Valuer General’s decision

When the preliminary valuation report and issues response are finalised, we will give you and the acquiring authority the determination of compensation, the final report and final issues response.

This is the Valuer General’s decision on how much compensation you will receive. It is the final part of the Valuer General’s formal role in this process.

Compensation notice

The acquiring authority must give you a notice that includes the determination of compensation. This usually happens within 45 days of the acquisition notice’s publication.

The compensation notice:

  • officially notifies you that your land has been compulsorily acquired
  • offers to pay the amount that the Valuer General has determined
  • informs you of your right to object to the amount offered.


Once you agree to the determination of compensation by signing a deed of release, the acquiring authority must pay you:

  • the compensation amount in full within 28 days of receiving a deed of release
  • interest on that amount from the acquisition date until it makes the payment.
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