Your Notice of Valuation and land tax assessment

You will receive a Notice of Valuation at least every three years

The Valuer General sends you a Notice of Valuation when your council receives new values. This happens at least every three years, and allows you to consider your land value before the council sets your rates.

The Valuer General will also send you a supplementary Notice if we:

  • change your land value through our quality assurance program
  • change your land value to reflect changes to the zoning or features
  • change the property description, area or dimensions 
  • make new valuations for land in a subdivision
  • make a single new valuation for land we previously valued separately
  • make separate new valuations for land we previously valued together. 

For more information about supplementary Notices our Your supplementary Notice fact sheet. 

You can now opt in to receive your Notice by email. Individual property owners can choose to receive their Notice electronically using our online service. Business property owners can register at

Registered land tax clients will receive a land tax assessment each year

Revenue NSW sends registered land tax clients a land tax assessment each year. The supporting information schedule on the assessment notice shows:

  • the land values used to calculate your land tax
  • the taxable value of each property
  • the average land value of each property, which Revenue NSW uses to determine land tax.
For more information, see Land tax.

You can lodge an objection

If you think the land value or property information on your Notice or assessment notice is wrong, you have 60 days to lodge an objection with the Valuer General to have it reviewed. See What if you have concerns? for more information.
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