The tender process

Property NSW, on behalf of the Valuer General selects valuers by a public tender process which includes assessment of prospective valuers by the Tender Evaluation Committee. The Committee comprises senior staff and representatives from a number of government departments, local councils, other stakeholders and an independent probity advisor. Prospective valuers are assessed against a number of criteria including:

  • suitability of employment management plan, as well as quality and availability of staff
  • valuation methodology, including the application of information technology
  • experience of the tenderer, including performance against existing or recent public or private sector contracts
  • quality assurance, including innovations that would improve the quality of the valuation service and outcomes
  • compliance with the NSW government procurement policy and
  • cost effectiveness and value for money.

Valuers who are selected are also required to enter into an agreement which includes mechanisms for addressing any actual or potential conflict of interest.

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