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Administrative Policies

Complaint handling policy (PDF 643.0 KB)

Valuation Policies

Apportionment factors for mixed development and mixed use land policy (PDF 91.4 KB)

Compulsory acquisition advice (PDF 97.7 KB)

Treatment of GST in land policy (PDF 94.2 KB)

Valuation of commercial land policy (PDF 145.2 KB)

Valuation of Crown lease restricted land policy (PDF 132.3 KB)

Valuation of englobo land policy (PDF 149.8 KB)

Valuation of heritage restricted land policy (PDF 189.8 KB)

Valuation of industrial land policy (PDF 142.7 KB)

Valuation of land in the Western Division policy (PDF 115.0 KB)

Valuation of land included in a community title scheme policy (PDF 132.0 KB)

Valuation of land leased as a telecommunications site policy (PDF 117.6 KB)

Valuation of land occupied by licensed premises policy (PDF 89.6 KB)

Valuation of land subject to a conservation agreement policy (PDF 90.7 KB)

Valuation of land used as a wind farm policy (PDF 115.8 KB)

Valuation of parcels that form part of a building policy (PDF 103.4 KB)

Valuation of rural land policy (PDF 134.6 KB)

Valuation of single residential land policy (PDF 126.2 KB)

Application of allowances policy (PDF 137.6 KB)

Concessions for single residential or rural land zoned for higher use policy (PDF 231.8 KB)

Correcting a valuation previously determined on objection policy (PDF 261.9 KB)

Compensation following compulsory acquisition (PDF 170.3 KB)

Valuing separate parcels policy (PDF 264.0 KB)

Valuation of contaminated land policy (PDF 291.9 KB)

Valuation of high density land policy (PDF 267.0 KB)

Valuation of land below high water mark (domestic waterfront occupancies) (PDF 246.8 KB)

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