Lodging an objection

You can lodge an objection online

An objection only applies to one property. If you want to object to multiple properties, you must lodge separate objections for each.

To lodge an objection online, use our objection portal.

We encourage using our online objection system. If you don’t have access to the internet, please phone us on 1800 110 038 to discuss your options.

You can register online to receive our information kit by email. The information kit includes important information that you should read before lodging your objection:

Evidence to support your objection

You should supply evidence to support your objection. If you do not provide supporting evidence we will disallow your objection.

If you believe your land value is too high or too low you should:

  • tell us what you think the land value should be 
  • provide evidence to support the land value you have suggested. 

The best evidence to support your suggested land value will be sales of similar properties from around 1 July in the valuing year. You should give us the addresses, sale dates and details of how each property is or is not like yours.

For more information on the evidence you should provide to support your objection, please see Your guide to the Valuer General’s review process.

When we receive your objection, we will check it to ensure you have provided evidence to support your objection, and contact you if we need more information. 

You must object within 60 days

You have 60 days to lodge an objection. The deadline is either:

  • on the front of your Notice of Valuation
  • 60 days from the issue date on your land tax assessment.

We may sometimes accept late objections if you have good reason. If the deadline has passed, you must tell us why your objection is late and give us supporting information.

Reasons for accepting out of date objections:

  • The landholder suffered an unexpected serious illness, injury or health issue
  • There had been a death or unexpected serious illness or injury in the family
  • The landholder was unexpectedly out of the country or away from home for an extended period when the Notice of Valuation or land tax assessment was issued.
  • Other exceptional and/or unexpected circumstances, however these circumstances need to be well explained.

The Valuer General is not bound to accept an out of date objection for any of the above reasons for late lodgement. 

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