Valuer General’s policies

The Valuer General sets the standards and policies for the land valuation system, which is managed by Property NSW. Property NSW is a division of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

The Valuer General is committed to an open and transparent valuation system.

The publication of policies is intended to make the valuation system transparent and easier for our customers to understand the valuation process.

Valuation Policies

All policies are published as PDFs.

These policies cover the majority of land types in NSW. They guide valuers on the methods to use, the factors to be considered and in which circumstances the methods should be applied when valuing land for rating and taxing purposes.

The policies ensure that valuations of these types of land are:

Current valuation policies can be found on our Publications page.

We have an ongoing program to publish further valuation policies.

Administrative Policies

All policies are published as PDFs.

Complaint handling policy (PDF 643.0 KB).

The Valuer General reviews all policies annually.

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