Concessions and allowances

Concessions and/or allowances applying to your land under the Valuation of Land Act 1916 (the Act), may reduce the land value on which you are liable to pay rates and/or taxes. If a concession or allowance applies to your land it should be printed on your Notice of Valuation or land tax assessment.

Allowances include profitable expenditure (onsite/offsite) and subdivision allowance.

Concessions for restrictions include statutory restrictions, mixed development apportionment factors and mixed use apportionment factors.

If you believe you are entitled to a concession or allowance, or if you believe the amount of the concession or allowance applied to the land is incorrect, you can lodge an objection. If you wish to lodge an objection, you will need to provide the following supporting information:

  • the type of concession or allowance to which you are objecting
  • the amount of the concession or allowance currently showing on your Notice of Valuation or land tax assessment
  • the amount you think it should be
  • details of the nature, date, and costs of any works for profitable expenditure allowances.

Concessions and allowances apply to the land only and do not relate to any concessions or allowances that may apply to your personal circumstances, for example pensioner concessions.

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