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Lodging an out of date objection

You have 60 days to lodge an objection. The last date to object is printed on the front of your Notice of Valuation. If you are a land tax client you have 60 days from the issue date printed on your land tax assessment notice.

We can sometimes accept late objections. If the last date to object has passed, you will need to tell us why your objection is late. We will then consider your reason for lodging a late objection and the supporting information you provide when we decide if we can accept your objection.

Reasons for lodging a late objection include:   

  • When your Notice of Valuation or land tax assessment was issued:
    • you were experiencing an extended illness, injury or health issue 
    • there had been a death or serious illness or injury in your family
    • you were overseas or away from home for an extended period. 
  • You were not able to get your supporting information by the last date to object. You will need to show us that you requested the information before the last date to object. 
  • You were waiting for information from another government authority. 
  • Your Notice of Valuation or land tax assessment was not delivered, or was delivered late.

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