How we conduct an objection review


When we receive your objection you will be assigned a coordinator. The coordinator is your dedicated Customer Service Officer responsible for keeping you informed of progress. They will ensure that any concerns you have raised are addressed and be your point of contact throughout the review process.

The process

There are two different review processes, each designed to deal with specific concerns about your valuation.

Property information review

If your concern relates to the property information on your Notice of Valuation, we will investigate and make corrections if required. For example, if you think the area shown on your Notice of Valuation is incorrect, we will investigate. If we find that the area is wrong we will correct it then check to see if this affects the land value. When land values are reviewed they are considered in relation to sales evidence of similar properties.

If there is a change to your property information we will issue you with a new Notice of Valuation.

Land value review

If you believe your land value is wrong, a valuer who did not make the original valuation will review your land value. During the review the valuer will examine the concerns you raise and the information you have provided, and compare your land value to sale prices of similar properties.


If you have any concerns about the review process or the outcome of your objection you can contact your coordinator who can arrange a conference for you to discuss any concerns in detail.

Timeframe for completing the review

We aim to complete all objections within 90 days. If we are unable to do this we will write to let you know.

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