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Request a review

You can request a review of:

  • the land value recorded on your Notice of Valuation
  • the property description recorded on your Notice of Valuation
  • a land value recorded on your land tax assessment.

Part 3 of the Valuation of Land Act 1916 provides for an objection process. To request a review you will need to lodge an objection.

You can lodge an objection for the following reasons:

  • the land value is too high or too low
  • the area, dimensions or description of the land is/are wrong
  • the valuations are not correctly apportioned
  • this land should have been valued separately from other land
  • this land should have been valued with other land
  • the concessions/allowances are wrong or missing
  • the person named on the notice does not own, lease or occupy the land.

If you lodge an objection you will need tell us about any concerns you have and about anything that you think might affect your valuation. This will help us to do a thorough review.

The brochure Your review guide (PDF 4.9 MB) explains the best information you can send us to support your objection.

When we receive your objection we will check it to ensure you have provided all the required information. If you don’t provide enough information we will contact you.

Time frame for lodging an objection

You have 60 days to lodge an objection. The last date to object is printed on the front of your Notice of Valuation or 60 days from the issue date printed on your land tax assessment.

If you want to lodge an out of date objection you will need to provide detailed reasons why your objection is late. We can then decide whether to accept the objection. See the lodging an out of date objection page for further information.

Further information

More information on the objection review process can be found on the following pages:

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