Land Value Tables 2002 to 2006

Metropolitan land values

Table 1 (PDF 24.0 KB) Sydney Metropolitan Area Representative Land Values
Table 2 (PDF 11.9 KB) Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong Representative Land Values
Table 4 (PDF 14.8 KB) Retail Shop - Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle
Table 7 (PDF 13.1 KB) Small Industrial Sites - Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle
Table 8 (PDF 12.1 KB) Large Industrial Sites - Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle
Table 10 (PDF 11.8 KB) Rural Homesites, Sydney Area

Country land values

Table 3 (PDF 12.5 KB) Retail/Single Shop Site, Towns and Cities
Table 5 (PDF 13.0 KB) Coastal Cities and Towns, Single Dwelling Site
Table 6 (PDF 19.5 KB) Inland Cities and Towns, Single Dwelling Sites
Table 9 (PDF 12.4 KB) Small Industrial Sites - Towns and Cities
Table 11 (PDF 14.5 KB) Rural Homesites
Table 12 (PDF 14.6 KB) Hobby Farm Sites
Table 13 (PDF 13.1 KB) Wheat Properties
Table 14 (PDF 12.6 KB) Coastal Grazing
Table 15 (PDF 12.9 KB) Tablelands Grazing
Table 16 (PDF 11.5 KB) Western Grazing
Table 17 (PDF 12.0 KB) Specialised Rural Properties - Changes to legislation now require land values for irrigated rural land to ignore the added value of any water secured by a water right. For an explanation of land values for irrigation properties see our fact sheet Land values for irrigation properties (PDF 327.6 KB).
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