Interactive land value summaries

Using our interactive portal, you can explore land value summaries for all local government areas and 14 regions across New South Wales for residential, commercial, industrial and rural properties.

The summaries include commentary on land values, as well as:

  • Land value trends

    Land value trends show the movement in total land values over a twelve month period for the different property zonings.

  • Median land values and sale prices

    Median values are a halfway point in a series of values from lowest to highest. Your land value may differ from the median values shown. Graphs are only published where we have sufficient property sales for the graphs to be meaningful.

  • Typical land values for all council areas

    Typical land values are used as a benchmark for valuations. Information on benchmarks and how we value land can be found on the Valuation method page.

  • Valuation reports

    The full valuation report prepared by the contract valuer in your area is also available.

  • Added value of improvement tables

    The added value of improvement tables show dollar values per square metre for the added value of improvements for the main residential property types in a local government area. It is the value the improvements add to the value of the land as demonstrated by the analysis of property sales.

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