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New South Wales property sales information is derived from Notices of Sale lodged with Land and Registry Services.

Property sales enquiry

Use our property sales enquiry to obtain property sales information from 2001 for a suburb, street or property.

Property sales on NSW Globe

  • Access property sales information from 2001 for individual properties.
  • View and download property sales information for the last five years at street and suburb level.

To launch NSW Globe you need to have Google Earth 7.0.2 or later installed.

The NSW Globe is designed for use with a PC and may not work with some mobile devices.

Property sales on NSW Globe is a joint initiative of the Valuer General and Land and Property Information.


NSW Globe user guide - Accessing property sales information (PDF 1.9 MB)

Property sales on NSW Globe - Tutorial

NSW Globe Tutorial Part 1

Frequently asked questions

Bulk property sales

Use our online Property sales information service to download free bulk NSW Property Sales Information from 1990 onwards.

Valuation sales reports

Use your property number to produce a free valuation sales report listing sales the valuer considered when valuing land in your area. Reports show:

  • land size
  • contract price
  • purchase price
  • adjusted land value.

If you have a strata unit you can produce a report for the whole of your strata scheme. You will need the strata scheme property number to do this. Reports for individual strata units are not available.

More information

Call us on 1800 110 038 or +61 2 6332 8188.

Property reports

Property sales resellers

For a list of resellers go to our Property sales resellers page.

Rent and sales reports

You can find sale and rent reports on NSW rent movements on the Family and Community Services website.

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