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Issuing the determination

After the preliminary valuation report has been finalised Valuation Services issue the determination of compensation together with the valuation report to you and the acquiring authority.

The issue of the determination of compensation and valuation report is the final part of the Valuer General’s formal role in the determination of compensation process. Valuation Services are available to answer any questions about the valuation report and determination of compensation

For detailed information on the methods used and factors considered by valuers when determining compensation for the compulsory acquisition of land see the Valuer General’s policy, Compensation following compulsory acquisition.


The Valuer General is required to provide the determination of compensation to the land owner and acquiring authority to allow the acquiring authority to provide a formal offer of compensation within 45 days of the publication of the acquisition notice in the Government Gazette.

An extension to this time frame can be approved by the minister. 

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