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Trial - preliminary objection report

The Joint Standing Committee on the Office of the Valuer General recommended during their 2013 Inquiry into the NSW Valuation System that:

  • landholders should be provided with a preliminary objection report
  • on receipt of the preliminary objection report, landholders should be given time to make a further submission should they wish to do so before the outcome of the objection is finalised.

After considering the recommendations the Government said that further work needed to be undertaken, including stakeholder consultation, before it could determine support or otherwise for the recommendations.

In 2014 we ran a pilot project to trial the recommendations. The trial has been extended into 2015 and expanded to include more landholders.

Objections are being randomly selected for inclusion in the 2015 trial. If your objection is selected we will write to you.

Later this year the results of this pilot project will be evaluated.

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