Land and Property Information Valuers

Land and Property Information (LPI) manage the valuation system on behalf of the Valuer General. LPI use independent valuation contractors to prepare land values.

LPI valuers check the overall accuracy and consistency of the land values before they are accepted and used by the Valuer General. To do this, the valuers use quality assurance measures and tools including spatial imagery, parallel valuations and internationally recognised statistical tests.

LPI valuers are located throughout NSW. If you have a question about your land value that needs a valuer’s expertise, an LPI valuer will be able to assist you.

To speak to an LPI valuer please contact our customer service centre on T: 1800 110 038.

All LPI and contract valuers are qualified and members of a professional association such as the Australian Property Institute or the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Valuer in the field

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