How can I access Valuer General information?

The Valuer General provides lots of information on this website.  We seek to release as much government held information as possible, either online or in another appropriate way, free of charge or at the lowest reasonable cost.

Search on this website

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 certain prescribed information is required by law to be available on our website free of charge. This is called "open access information". Links to the Valuer General's open access information are below.

The information you are seeking may already be available online. Our publication guide will give you some guidance about the other kinds of information that we release publicly.

You can contact us to ask if the information you want has been released by us either on this website or in another form.

Some publications may only be available on the payment of a fee, but we will let you know if that is the case.

Make an informal request

If the information you want has not already been published by us, but is information which raises no overriding public interest against disclosure, then we may be able to release it to you on request without the formalities of having to make a formal application.

If you think this applies to the information you want you can contact us to make an informal request.

Make a formal access application

If the information you want is not available on this website and is not otherwise routinely provided on request, then you have a right to formally apply for access to specific information. You can find information on lodging a formal application on the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment website.

Alternatively, you can contact:

Public Access to Information and Privacy Unit

GPO Box 39
Sydney NSW 2001
(02) 9860 1440

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment administers access to information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 for the Valuer General.

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