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Supplementary Notice of Valuation

Councils and landholders generally receive new valuations for rating every three to four years.

Supplementary Notices of Valuation are issued outside the usual three to four year valuation cycle because of changes to your property that are recorded on the Register of Land Values.

Councils are advised of changes to land values and will make any necessary adjustments to rates.

Reasons why an existing valuation may need to be reviewed include:

  • newly created parcels of land in subdivisions
  • the transfer of part of land which is included in an existing valuation
  • the amalgamation of parcels of land into a single valuation
  • changes to zoning

Valuing year

Your supplementary Notice of Valuation will show the valuing year currently used by your council for the calculation of rates. All properties are valued to reflect the property market conditions that existed as at 1 July in the valuing year to ensure consistency and equity across the council area.

To find the valuing year used by your council refer to the council revaluation schedule (PDF 450.5 KB).

Request a Review

Landholders have 60 days to request a review of the land value. The last date to object is recorded on your supplementary Notice of Valuation.

For further information see the Information about your Supplementary Notice of Valuation fact sheet (PDF 100 KB).

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