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Notice of Valuation

Notice of ValuationThe Valuer General issues a Notice of Valuation to landholders to advise them of their new land value that will be used in the calculation of their council rates.

Notices of Valuation are sent to landholders prior before the land value is used by their council to set rates. This is so the landholder has the opportunity to consider the land value first.

Notices of Valuation are usually issued every at least every three years according to the council revaluation schedule (PDF 450.5 KB).

Supplementary Notices of Valuation are issued outside the usual valuation cycle because of changes to your property that are recorded on the Register of Land Values.

A fact sheet (PDF 952.1 KB) outlining the components of your Notice of Valuation is available. It may also be helpful to refer to the explanation of valuation terms page.

You should check the information on your Notice of Valuation carefully. If your details have changed or information on your Notice of Valuation is inaccurate, please contact us.

Request a review

Landholders have a 60 days period to request a review of the land value or property information after receiving their Notice of Valuation. The last date to object is recorded printed on your the front of the Notice of Valuation.

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