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Compulsory acquisition process

he acquisition of land is undertaken in accordance with the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991.

When a landholder and an acquiring authority are unable to negotiate the purchase of the land, the Valuer General is required to independently determine the amount of compensation to be paid by the acquiring authority to the former landholder.

The Valuer General’s policy Compensation following compulsory acquisition (PDF 170.3 KB), details how compensation is determined.

Information on the process


Land Acquisition Information Guide, published by the NSW Government on the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation website

Valuer General’s policy, Compensation following compulsory acquisition (PDF 170.3 KB).

Valuer General’s brochure, Compulsory acquisition, NSW Valuer General’s role (PDF 1.7 MB).

Valuer General’s fact sheet Compulsory acquisition of land (PDF 144.2 KB).

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