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The Valuer General is an independent statutory officer appointed by the Governor of New South Wales to oversee the valuation system.

The Office of the Valuer General supports the Valuer General.

The valuation system is managed by Property NSW, a division of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, on behalf of the Valuer General.

We are committed to improving our service and we welcome your views.

We handle all feedback consistently, fairly, courteously and respect your privacy.

Compliments and suggestions

If you have a compliment about our service we will ensure that your comments are passed on to the person responsible.

If you have a suggestion we will acknowledge your suggestion and ensure that we consider it.

How to provide feedback


Write to the Valuer General at:

Valuer General

GPO Box 15

Sydney NSW 2001


If you are not satisfied with the quality of service or information provided to you by us you can make a complaint directly to the Valuer General and it will be independently reviewed. We will:

  • formally acknowledge your complaints
  • handle your complaint in a manner which is consistent, fair, courteous and respectful of your privacy
  • handle your complaint in accordance with the Office of the Valuer General's Complaint Handling Policy (PDF 643 KB)
  • provide you with the reasons for any decisions made in relation to your complaint.

How to make a complaint


Write to the Valuer General:

Valuer General

GPO Box 15

Sydney NSW 2001

Resolving your complaint

We aim to resolve your complaint within 20 working days. However, complicated issues may take longer. If necessary, we will contact you and advise you of the timeframe for a response.

When we have investigated your complaint, we will contact you to advise you of the outcome.

Independent review

If you are not satisfied with our formal processes, you can contact the NSW Ombudsman's Office to request an independent review of the issues raised.

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